Frank Torre

Frank Torre, Chair-ElectI am honored to be asked to run for Chair-elect of the Division. Chemistry has been my lifelong passion. I discovered my love of chemistry at Monmouth College (NJ). After graduation (1967), I pursued a doctorate and became a Teaching Assistant in general chemistry at Rutgers University. In 1971, I received my Ph.D. in physical chemistry and then accepted a postdoctoral fellowship at the University of Rochester (1971-73) that included teaching a recitation for general chemistry. It was in these early teaching experiences that I realized how much I loved opening new (often skeptical) minds to the excitement of chemistry – I was hooked!

Wanting to focus on teaching, I accepted a position teaching general and physical chemistry at Springfield College, Springfield MA in 1973. Now, 38 years later I’m a Distinguished Professor of Chemistry and Chair of the Department. Perhaps more importantly I have taught over 4000 students! I am proud to say that I truly love what I do and always look forward to my next class.

ACS has been an integral part of my professional career. A member since 1968, I have served continually on the executive board of the Connecticut Valley Section since 1975, as Chair of the Section (1986-87), and Councilor since 1996. Presently, I serve on the Council Committee on Meetings and Exhibition. For the past 38 years, I have been actively involved with the Division of Chemical Education. I have been a member of the program committee, served as Meeting Chair for the 210th and 216th ACS Meetings (8/95 and 8/98), and served as Division Program Chair and the Chair of the Program Committee (2002-2004). I also am a founding member and director of International Center for First Year Chemistry (2004-2007) and was honored to receive the Center’s Award for Distinguished Service to the Chemical Education Community in 2005.

The Division of Chemical Education has provided me a professional home. Whether at the national meeting or the BCCE, I have found like-minded colleagues to learn from and share my experiences. As Chair Elect, I would work to strengthen this aspect of our Division, making it more welcoming and expanding opportunities for all educators of chemistry. My rich years in ACS and the Division have provided me the necessary experience and skills to be an effective and impassioned ambassador for chemical educators. My mission would be to garner the respect that we all rightly deserve for what we do.

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