2014 Biennial Conference on Chemical Education

Greener on the Grand: Empowering Chemical Educators for a Greener Tomorrow
The Conference is designed for those who teach chemistry at all levels: secondary school science teachers, undergraduate and graduate students, and post-secondary chemistry faculty. The Conference provides anyone teaching chemistry opportunities for interacting with like-minded colleagues in both formal and informal settings. Teachers who are about to launch their careers, those who are new to teaching chemistry, and those who have teaching experience will find this conference to be an excellent source of materials, techniques, and chemistry content. The BCCE helps teachers make connections with others equally committed to teaching chemistry.
08/03/2014 - 08/07/2014
Grand Valley State University

Call for Symposia and Workshops for the 23rd BCCE at Grand Valley State University– submit at http://www.bcce2014.org/

Proposals for symposia that fit into tracks of: Education Research, Advances in Pedagogy, Computers and Technology in Chemistry, Green Chemistry, Chemical Informatics, Global Chemistry Education, Chemistry for the Public, Discipline Specific Symposia, and any other topics you wish to propose will be welcome. Symposia proposals are also being accepted for specific programs: Two Year College Chemistry Departments (program chair Tom Neils) and Secondary Education (program chair Alice Putti). Questions about symposia can be directed to Julie Henderleiter (henderlj@gvsu.edu), program chair, through the BCCE website or at bcce2014@gvsu.edu.

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