246th ACS National Meeting

Chemistry in Motion
09/08/2013 - 09/12/2013
Indianapolis, IN
Julianne M. Smist, Springfield College, Department of Biology/Chemistry, 263 Alden Street, Springfield, MA 01109; phone: 413-748-3382; fax: 413-748-3761; jsmist@springfieldcollege.edu Tyson A. Miller, Heritage University, Department of Sciences, 3240 Fort Road, Toppenish, WA 98948; phone: 509-865-0421; fax: 509-865-8679; miller_t1@heritage.edu
High School Program Co-Chairs: 
Laura Slocum, Cathedral High School, Washington, DC. Leslocum621@gmail.com
Undergraduate Poster: 
Nancy Bakowski, Department of Higher Education, American Chemical Society, 1155 Sixteenth Street, NW, Washington, DC 20036; phone: 202-872-6166; n_bakowski@acs.org
CHED Program Chair: 
Irv Levy, Gordon College, 255 Grapevine Road, Wenham, MA 01984; phone: 978-867-4371; irv.levy@gordon.edu

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