248th ACS National Meeting & Exposition

Chemistry and Global Stewardship
08/10/2014 - 08/14/2014
San Francisco, CA

This theme is focused on global aspects of the chemical enterprise related to sustainability of world resources, including green chemistry, the globalization of chemistry, and the responsibilities and opportunities chemists have to serve the broader public. In particular, divisional programming and special themed symposia will cover and discuss the role and interplay of science, technology, innovation, and economic development in world stewardship of precious, limited resources while providing physical and economic security for all world citizens. Special attention will be given to providing international perspectives related to both areas of critical need, such as the supply of clean water and energy to all citizens of the world, and to overcoming the limitations or restrictions of raw materials for products which lead to improved quality of life. Methods to reach out to the public to better educate students and all citizens on the nature and uses of chemistry and efforts to enhance cooperation among chemists around the globe will be highlighted.

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