BCCE 2010 Report

FINAL REPORT 2010 BCCE: A New Decade for Opportunity

University of North Texas, Denton, TX

Diana Mason [dmason@unt.edu], General Chair 21st BCCE

Success! Put the 21st BCCE in the books with a job well done by a multitude of volunteers. If you missed the CaNe Roundup, don't be left out again—add the 2012 meeting to your calendar: The Pennsylvania State University, University Park, PA, July 29 to August 2 (http://www.2012bcce.com).

Many thanks are extended to the program co-chairs (Amina El-Ashmawy and Maria Oliver-Hoyo), invited speakers chair (Cheryl Frech), workshop chair (Bill Deese), poster co-chairs (Mark Freilich and Jeff Hepburn), exhibits chair (Vickie Williamson), two-year college co-chairs (Thom Jose and Susan Shih), pre-college co-chairs (Bettyann Howson, Diane Krone, and Jo King) and Li'l Wranglers organizers (Debbie Koeck and Joyce Kulhanek). After 2-3 years of hearing that it is just too hot in Texas for anyone to attend, no one was more pleased than I was to see an attendance of almost 1300 (1291 to be exact), making the 21st BCCE the largest academic meeting ever held at the University of North Texas (UNT) in Denton! Thank you one and all for making the 20Ca10Ne Roundup the best! Great appreciation is extended to all y'all who attended!

As a prelude to the 2011 International Year of Chemistry, attendees at the 2010 meeting came from all continents (less Antarctica) surpassing all our expectations. Of the attendees, just over half were male, 33% were first timers, 15% became new members, 12% were students, 12% were pre-college teachers, 15% claimed 2-year colleges as their primary employment, and 5% even though retired attended. Maybe your first questions are "Why should I attend at BCCE? What will BCCE do for me?" One of the neat things is that BCCEs continually move around helping attract new members from and to new locales—great vacations to interesting places that you may never go to if it was not for the opportunity. The visit in and of itself can be very educational and introduce one to different cultures and ways of life, and don't forget the staples BCCEs like Birds-of-a-Feather luncheons where you can leisurely chat with like-minded colleagues and the famed Al D. Hyde and Key Tones where you can just kick back, relax and enjoy.

The 2010 meeting highlighted three plenary talks and a total of 66 symposia topics in 112 different sessions (there were a total of 8 session blocks in the schedule – an average of 14 concurrent sessions). Each day during the lunchtime there were poster sessions (over 100 posters) and 99 workshops were spread over the 5-day event. The exhibits were so popular that we had to open a second hall to accommodate the overflow needed to house the 62 booths. With over 1500 presentations of one kind or another it is impossible to thank each of you, but just to let you know everyone on campus was pleased and the City of Denton with out "2400 bed nights" was duly impressed—so thank you one and all!

"Everyone" is always concerned about the budget—and so was I! However, following the lead of Steve Wietstock's guidelines from the 2008 meeting, we successfully paid our bills and returned our profits to DivCHD. No one was more surprised than I to have so many ChemEders from all over the world attend—and just think how much cooler it will be at Penn State next year! (The Denton temperature averaged close to 100 F every day. Hey, Penn State, see if you can beat that! ) Of course the cost of the BCCE would be substantially more without the generous gifts especially that of Hayden-McNeil Publishers who provided the conference book and pocket guide at no cost to the BCCE conference! Thank you one and all for your support and participation! Hope to see you next summer at the 22nd BCCE.

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