Biennial Conference Committee Report, Fall 2011

This has, so far, been a very good year for the DivCHED Biennial Conference program. First, one piece of good news is that the 2010 BCCE in Denton finished solidly in the black financially. Coupled with a strong program, excellent conference amenities, and blisteringly hot weather, we could not have hoped for a better outcome. Congratulations to Diana Mason, Amina El-Ashmawy, Maria Oliver-Hoyo, and the rest of the Texas crew.

The next bit of good news is that the program for the 2012 Penn State is shaping up nicely, with the “Education for Everyone” theme celebrating the sesquicentennial of the Land Grant College Act. So here are a few questions to ponder: Does every state have a land-grant college? How many of them can you name? Now, don’t cheat and look it up on Wikipedia! And how many land-grant colleges have hosted a BCCE? (Clue: It can’t be more than twenty-one; the Penn State BCCE will be number 22.) Now, of course, the Penn State program encompasses much more than chronicling the contributions of the land-grant colleges in providing access to higher education for all Americans. Visit the 2012 website at for all the details. Or, visit the conference organizers on Facebook (BCCE2012). Dan Sykes and Sheryl Rummel are ramrodding things in State College, while MaryKay Orgill and Kent Crippen (both an UNLV) are putting the program together. Mark these dates on your calendar for Penn State: July 29 through August 2, 2012. Programming deadlines begin to crop up in December, 2011, so it’s time to get organized!

Still more good news is that both the DivCHED Executive Committee and the Grand Valley State University administration have now given final approval to the Memorandum of Understanding for GVSU to host the 2014 BCCE. That changes the status of the venue from “provisional” to “This is where it’s going to happen”! Congratulations to Sherril Soman and her colleagues for getting this administrative chore behind us. Now it’s time to start building the conference! Contact Sherril ( or the Program Chair, Julie Henderleiter ( with your ideas and offers to help make 2014 a great BCCE. And, by the way, GVSU is not the land-grant college in Michigan. We’ve already had a BCCE in Michigan, but not at their land-grant college. Do you know where and when that BCCE occurred?

Now the final bit of good news: The DivCHED Executive Committee gave provisional approval to the University of Northern Colorado to host the 2016 Biennial, with Richard Schwenz as General Chair, Julie Smist as Program Chair, and Matt Miller as Program Co-Chair. You’ll be hearing a lot more from these folks a long time before 2016. And, by the way, UNC is not the land-grant college in Colorado. We have had a BCCE at Colorado’s land-grant college. Do you know where and when that was?

AND, remember that the BCC is seeking an institution to host the 2018 BCCE. Please give it some thought, and contact me with your suggestions. Maybe it should be your turn in the barrel. My email address is

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