Biennial Conference Committee Report, Fall 2012

As this is being written, Dan Sykes ( and Sheryl Rummel ( (the General Co-Chairs), along with Mary Kay Orgill ( and Kent Crippen ( (the Program Co-Chairs), are in the final throes of preparing a welcome for more than a thousand participants at the Penn State Biennial conference. Their small army of volunteers is dealing with myriad details to help guarantee a rewarding experience for everyone. By the time you read this, the Penn State BCCE will have become a part of DivCHED’s history. If you were there, we anticipate that you will be glad you came. If you missed it, you may want to begin planning to attend the next one, in 2014 at Grand Valley State University.

Sherril Soman (, the General Chair for the 2014 BCCE, and Julie Henderleiter (, the Program Chair, expect to bring their web site online immediately following the Penn State BCCE. The dates are August 3-7, 2014. Now is a good time to begin making plans for your travel to Annandale, Michigan, a couple of years from now. You can Google 2014 BCCE until Sherril and Julie announce the URL for the conference website. Watch for symposium and workshop proposal deadlines. Those will be among the first things posted. The conference theme emphasizes sustainability: “Greener on the Grand”.

The next BCCE in the series will take place at the University of Northern Colorado in Greeley, July 31-August 4, 2016. Hopefully, this year’s wildfires will not leave that splendid state permanently scarred. Richard Schwenz ( is the General Chair; Julie Smist ( and Matt Miller ( are Program Chairs. They are gathering ideas for fleshing out the “Elevate Chemical Education in Northern Colorado” theme.

The Biennial Conference Committee has received an offer from Chris Bauer of the University of New Hampshire to host the 2018 BCCE. The Committee is actively evaluating that offer.

As always, the Biennial Conference Committee solicits your input. The committee’s job is to serve the interests of DivCHED members. Contact me by phone (864) 506-0622 or email ( with your comments, suggestions, criticisms, or whatever.

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