Biennial Conference Committee Report, Spring 2013

I. Dwaine Eubanks

Postscript to the Penn State BCCE

I feel sure that those of you who attended the Penn State Biennial will agree that Dan Sykes, Sheryl Rummel, Mary Kay Orgill, Kent Crippen, and their scores of volunteers pulled off a splendid conference. But Dan and Sheryl’s work didn’t end when we all left town. It takes months to clean up after more than thirteen hundred of your closest friends. The Penn State folks have now finished the entire post-conference cleanup, and the good news (from the perspective of the DivCHED treasury) is that the conference was also a financial success. Again, kudos to all the Penn State folks!

Prescript to the Grand Valley State BCCE

Sherril Soman (, the General Chair for the 2014 BCCE, and Julie Henderleiter (, the Program Chair, had their conference website ready to go as soon as the Penn State BCCE became history. Check out their online presence at, and block out the dates of August 3-7, 2014 for a “Greener on the Grand” experience in Allendale and the beautiful surrounding area of western Michigan. The educational focus of “Empowering Chemical Educators for a Greener Tomorrow” targets a theme that is very much on the minds of chemistry educators nowadays. To provide the best conference experience for everyone, the organizers are wisely limiting each presenter to no more than two oral, poster, or workshop presentations (in any combination). They ask that you make your presentation plans accordingly, and note the opening dates for workshop and symposium proposals: June 1, 2013 for workshops and August 1, 2013 for symposia. The Grand Valley variant of the long-standing “rule-of-two” should help keep BCCE programming from becoming any more bloated. Seventy-five individual symposia and more than eighty workshops already make for a very large summer conference. By the way, don’t look prescript up in the dictionary.

Thinking Ahead to the Northern Colorado BCCE

The venue is set: the University of Northern Colorado at Greeley. The dates are set: July 31-August 4, 2016. The principal organizers are already hard at work: Richard Schwenz ( is the General Chair; Julie Smist ( and Matt Miller ( are Program Chairs. The conference theme has been chosen: “Elevate Chemical Education in Northern Colorado.” Clever. Put it on your not-to-be missed calendar.

Convoluted Route to the 2018 BCCE

The BCC is still working on a venue for this conference. If you have any ideas—good ideas—for a potential host, please contact me by phone (864) 506-0622 or email ( Let’s keep this thing rolling.

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