Biennial Conference Committee, Winter 2011

With 2011 being an off year for DivCHED Biennial Conferences, the Biennial Conference Committee’s major responsibilities are to support the organizers at conference sites that have already been chosen and to explore potential sites for the 2018 BCCE.

We hope everyone is keeping up with developments and deadlines for the 2012 BCCE at Penn State. By the time you read this, the deadlines will have passed to submit workshop and symposium proposals, and the deadline for abstract submission  (February 28, 2012) will be rapidly approaching. The conference organizers have put together a clear and easy to navigate website with everything you need to know about abstract submission, lodging and transportation, registration, and much, much more. Check the Penn State BCCE calendar regularly for updates ( The sesquicentennial celebration of the 1862 Land Grant College Act is a major component of the overall “Education for Everyone” theme, and is not to be missed.

It’s also not to early to begin planning your participation in the 2014 BCCE at Grand Valley State University. Contact the conference chair, Sherril Soman ( or the Program Chair, Julie Henderleiter ( with your suggestions for symposia and workshops. They’ll be glad to hear from you.

In case you missed this news clip: The University of Northern Colorado was tentatively chosen to host the 2016 BCCE, with Richard Schwenz as General Chair, Julie Smist as Program Chair, and Matt Miller as Program Co-Chair. We say tentative only because some of the paperwork is still in process to cement the understanding between DivCHED and UNC. The BCC expects to have everything in place for the DivCHED Executive Committee’s final approval at the San Diego ACS meeting in March, 2012.

The BCC is working with possible hosts for the 2018 BCCE. If you have thoughts or suggestions to contribute to that process, please contact Dwaine Eubanks at

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