Board of Publication Report, Fall 2013

A recent decision by the Board and ACS Publications will make the Journal of Chemical Education (JCE) much more widely available.  In 2014, the Journal will be included in the ACS All Publications Package for institutional subscriptions. This positions the Journal alongside more than 40 scholarly peer-reviewed journals published by the Society, and provides access at more institutions worldwide than ever before. And as a reminder, institutional subscriptions to the web edition of the journal provide access to content dating back to Volume 1 in 1924 for all users at an organization.

This access is important because JCE users, unlike other ACS journal readers, go much farther back in the Journal archive for resources – often citing articles with publication dates decades in the past.  This contrasts with the pure research journals, where citations are much more recent.  This suggests that the Journal is more than a report of what’s new in chemistry education.  It is also a repository of ideas that users find valuable to mine.  That displays one of the unique qualities of JCE among the ACS journal set.

The Journal will continue to be available to institutions as part of the ACS Academic Core+ package and to individual teachers and students who wish to purchase a personal subscription.  You will see some small price adjustments for 2014 which bring the journal pricing in line with the other ACS peer-reviewed journals, and which settles our multi-year transition from totally independent operation to co-publication with ACS.  The Board continues to keep an eye on costs and subscription rates as the publishing world changes in order to continue to give you access to the premier journal in chemistry education. 

Not to worry:  Individual print and on-line rates will be $10/month or less, and pre-college teachers and chemistry students will still have substantially discounted rates. 

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