Board of Publication Report, Spring 2013

With Don Wink becoming the chair-elect of the Division, he has resigned from the Board of Publications.  We  thank Don for his commitment and steady guidance over the past several years.  I was elected the new chair as of January 1, and my first action was to appoint board member David Licata as the new Treasurer, replacing me.   We look forward to the Executive Committee identifying a new appointee to take Don’s position.  We also thank the Executive Committee for supporting the Board’s request for a sixth appointed member (pending by-law change). 

The Editor-in-Chief’s transition to his new appointment at the University of Georgia was relatively smooth, and I would suggest less anxiety-producing all around compared with any previous transition.  Memoranda of Agreement are in place with UWMadison and Georgia (Don Wink leading the negotiation), and the agreement with Iowa is being terminated.  The transition has been accomplished within our operating budget due to the good management of the Editor-in-Chief Norb Pienta and Managing Editor Jon Holmes.

At our New Orleans meeting, the Board may complete development and approval of an Operating Manual, including an investment policy statement.  Status will be reported at the Executive Committee meeting.   We may also have some updates regarding the status of JCE ChemEdXchange, the future umbrella for many old and new electronic resources that the Journal and Division members developed.

We continue to meet and coordinate with ACS Publications regarding the Journal’s importance and uniqueness in the ACS library, including physical and on-line marketing.  The concerns and challenges about the transition to co-publishing with ACS have given way to developing strategies to enhance the importance of the journal as a leading resource for teaching and learning in chemistry at all instructional levels.

Respectfully submitted,  

Chris Bauer, BoP Chair,  March 2013

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