Board of Publication Report, Spring 2014

It’s time to think ahead.

Your journal -- the Journal of Chemical Education -- has undergone several important transitions in the last half-dozen years.   It has moved from the steady editorial leadership of John Moore to the steady  leadership of Norb Pienta.  It has moved from paper-based submission, review, and delivery to electronic digital format.  It has moved from being strictly a publication of the Division to a joint publication of the Division and the American Chemical Society.  All of these transitions have been critical for the health of the Journal.  We can legitimately say that we have reached the light at the end of the  tunnel.  To confirm this, at the Indianapolis ACS meeting, the Board re-appointed Norb Pienta to a second five-year term starting fall 2014 as Editor-in-Chief.

Now that we are in the light, we should be asking “Where do we go from here?”  The Journal is a product of the American Chemical Society, but there is a big developing world outside the U.S. which JCE has barely touched.  Also, the Journal has various stakeholders – the pre-college chemistry teacher, the university instructor, the educational researcher, to name a few – who have different needs and interests.  How may the Journal serve them best in the future?  The publishing world also continues to change rapidly.  Where will it be ten years from now?   It is an appropriate time, therefore, for the Board and Editorial Office to engage in thinking ahead.  We are starting to plan for that now.

The Board itself has a few changes.   We welcome Pratibha Varma-Nelson to the Board, after serving a brief interim appointment at Indianapolis, and the Division approved a By-law change to allow for a sixth appointed member.  This simplifies the appointment process:  two people are appointed each year for three year terms.  That process will also play out at Dallas.

Remember that Division members are welcome as guests at Board meetings, which generally run 8 to noon Saturday mornings before each ACS meeting.  If the door is closed, we’re in private executive session.  Otherwise, welcome!

Respectfully submitted,
Chris Bauer
Board of Publication Chair

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