Board of Publication Report, Spring 2016

The Board welcomes new member Maria Oliver-Hoyo to the board on a three year term 2016-2018.  She is replacing Arlene Russell, who served the Board with distinction.  I very much appreciated Arlene’s commitment and engagement through her term.  David Licata was re-appointed and will continue his role as Board Treasurer, also for 2016-2018.

We have hired our next Editor-in-Chief for the Journal of Chemical Education.   Surprise! Well, what we did was extend the term of the current Editor-in-Chief to coincide with the fiscal year instead of the academic year.   Norb Pienta’s contract had an end date of August 31, 2019, but with the financial restructuring going on within the Division, it made sense to move this to December 31, 2019.  The Board approved this at the Boston meeting.  As mentioned in previous reports, we are building a succession plan and process simply because it makes sense to do so.  Anticipate that the Board will host events in the near future to raise awareness among the Membership about the Journal, the role of the Editor-in-Chief, and the time-line for succession.

It’s a wide world! The Board and Editor, in consultation with our co-publishing partner at ACS, have been looking at data regarding the international impact of the Journal.   We are considering strategies that would help market the Journal to individual and institutional readers outside of the US, as well as looking at strategies for enhancing international authorship, reviewing, and editorial board participation.  In that regard, the Editor-in-Chief participated recently in the IUPAC meeting in South Korea and traveled to India. This has resulted in additional invitations so expect Editor Pienta to be building frequent flier mileage in the future.

Behind the curtain! The Board is putting finishing touches on a formal procedure for identifying and inviting interested Division Members to be Board Associates.  An Associate would be invited as an observer to the semi-annual Board meetings at the ACS National conferences.  This program is a leadership-building opportunity, and is being developed in concert with the Committee on Professional Nominations, which is responsible for identifying candidates for Division leadership positions. 

Board members continue to engage with the Division on moving its financial and policy management and fiduciary oversight to a more sustainable and professional status.  This has been a multiyear process but we feel confident that we are getting to a better place that protects the interests of the Division and its entities.

Respectfully submitted,                                      
Chris Bauer, Chair
Board of Publication

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