Board of Publication Report, Winter 2012

Don Wink, Chair

I want to report on some recent actions by and changes in the composition of the Board of Publication. In recent years the Board has worked with the Journal Editor Norb Pienta to support the shift to co-publication with ACS. This included of course the conversion of our content into material suitable for the ACS Publications site. This past Spring our Managing Editor, Jon Holmes, went through all our archival digital information to ensure that ACS Publications site now has all the digital supplementary information for all articles published in the Journal. At the same time, Jon has worked to get other material that is not part of the co-publication agreement into a new environment: JCE ChemEd Xchange (ChemEd X, or

The Board itself is also experiencing changes. Specifically, there will be a new Chair, Chris Bauer of the University of New Hampshire. Chris comes to this after serving as the first-ever Board treasurer during a period of rapid change in how we manage the Journal and other resources and in the way we manage our financial systems. We also saw the departure of a long-term member of the Board, Barbara Sawrey and the appointment of a new member, Arlene Russell.

Finally, I want to alert all ACS members that their membership gives them access to twenty-five articles per year from any ACS publication. The Board approved including the Journal in this offering. So all ACS members can, using their ACS login, access 25 JCE articles whether or not you are a JCE subscriber. More information is available at the ACS Member Benefit page.

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