Chemical Education Research Committee Report, Spring 2018

Come one, come all to the chemistry education research methods symposia at the BCCE!

In alignment with our mission to “inform chemical educators, foster scholarship, and encourage the improvement of the quality of chemistry education research”, the Chemical Education Research (CER) committee is collaborating with the Younger Chemistry Education Scholars (YCES) committee to organize an education research symposium series at the 2018 BCCE.

Invited speakers within each symposium are provided with a 40-minute time block so that they can actively engage their audience in learning more about a select research method as well as the best practices for its implementation. Each presentation will include ample time for questions and discussion. Please see the BCCE symposia list (symposium numbers provided below) for the detailed abstracts of each session.

#56. Learning About Quantitative Research in Chemistry Education
Organizers: Lisa Kendhammer (CER) and Jordan Harshman (YCES)

#57. Learning About Theoretical Frameworks in Chemistry Education Research
Organizers: Vicente Talanquer (CER) and Britland DeKorver (YCES)

#74. Qualitative Research in Chemical Education: In Pursuit of Whys and Hows
Organizers: Thom Bussey (CER) and Stephanie Ryan (CER)

During each of these symposium sessions, and at other times throughout the BCCE, the CER and YCES committees will be collecting feedback from attendees about this specific programming as well as gathering ideas about other ways we can inform and train the greater chemical education research community. Be on the lookout so that you can provide us with your thoughts!

We hope to see you at one or more of these symposia.

Jack Barbera, Chair
Melonie Teichert, Co-Chair

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