Chemical Education Research Committee, Spring 2013

Vickie M. Williamson (

At the 2012 Biennial Conference on Chemical Education (BCCE) in University Park, PA, The CER Committee sponsored two symposia: The CER symposium was under the direction of Douglas Mulford and Dawn Del Carlo.  Forty papers were submitted, spread over two days.  The Peer-Reviewed CER Symposium was organized by Diane Bunce, Deborah Herrington, Jessie Vanden Plas, Vickie Williamson. The presentations in the Peer-Reviewed Symposium were about twice as long, allowing for in-depth presentations of completed chemical education research studies that have undergone double blind peer review by members and friends of the Chemical Education Research Committee. To be considered for this symposium, authors submitted a 1000-word abstract by January 15, 2012. The abstract included: the study's theoretical basis or rationale, the research questions posed, a brief overview of methodology and data analysis, and summary of findings. Individuals selected for participation in this symposium were notified by February 1, 2012 and invited to submit a 125-word abstract online through the normal BCCE submission (2/28 deadline). After a double-blind review, those not selected for this symposium will be encouraged to submit abstracts to the regular CER symposium. Graduate students and post-docs were encouraged to submit. There were 11 submissions, with four that were accepted for a half-day session. This was the second time that the Peer-Reviewed symposium as been offered.

At the 244th ACS National Fall Meeting in Philadelphia, the CER symposium was organized by Chris Bauer and Don Wink. Submissions resulted in a day long symposium.

Tom Greenbowe and Sam Pazicni will be the organizers for CER Committee Symposium on Research in Chemical Education at the 245th ACS Spring Meeting in New Orleans. Nathan Grove and Justin Sorb organized the Peer-Reviewed session of this symposium, with website help from Vickie Williamson.  The committee currently has organizers for the CER Committee Symposium on Research in Chemical Education for upcoming meetings through the Fall 2015 meeting.

The CER committee has voted to hold the Peer-Reviewed CER symposium every Spring.  A subcommittee is reviewing the guidelines for this symposium (Gautum Bhattacharyya-chair, Diane Bunce, and Melanie Cooper).

The CER committee is working on a number of other projects. A sampling of these include: improving the interface with teacher education (Greg Rushton), updating the CERC website (Renee Cole-chair, Dawn Del Carlo, Marilyne Stains), exploring the possibility of joint symposium with other divisions to focus on putting research into practice (Melanie Cooper), and continuing support to promote quality nominations for the ACS Award in Achievement in Research for the Teaching and Learning of Chemistry (Renee Cole).

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