Committee on Chemistry in the Two-Year College (COCTYC) and the Two-Year College Chemistry Consortium (2YC3 ) Report, Fall 2017

“It was wonderful to meet with so many Chemistry Educators who are passionate about teaching” is one of the many positive comments I hear from colleagues who attend the 2YC3 conferences across the country. The Two Year College Chemistry Consortium, 2YC3 provides a forum for chemistry educators to enhance student learning through these professional development conferences.

There have been 2 such 2YC3 conferences so far in 2017, in March at Truckee Meadows Community College with the theme “Chemistry Inside and Outside the Classroom”, and in May at Bronx Community College with the theme: Creative Teaching Strategies”.

At Truckee Meadows, Conference Chair Olga Katkova lead us through seminars and workshops such as designing collaborative learning space classrooms, E-Cigarettes, Air Quality in the Mid-east, Undergraduate Research, and Learning Chemistry Outside the Classroom, Chemistry by Canoe (Wisconsin) and Capturing Interdisciplinary Teaching in Gen Chem by using a Challenge Drawing.

Current 2YC3 chair, Kathy Carrigan and former 2YC3 chair, Sonja Davison

Dr. Flaris’s undergraduate students - poster session

In addition, there was a workshop using ACS Tools for Assessment in the 2 Year College.

Guests were treated to a super cool tour of the Civil Support Team Mobile Laboratory! Close to 50 college and high school Chemistry educators from the Nevada/California region but also from across the country enjoyed the hospitality of TMCC and Reno.

Civil Support Team Mobile Laboratory

Civil Support Team Mobile Laboratory

At the end of May, Bronx Community College host Vicki Flaris, hosted over 100 college and high school chemistry teachers through many active learning seminars, discussing flipped classrooms, undergraduate research, interdisciplinary teaching strategies, combining chemistry and biology entrepreneurship, nanotechnology, Chemistry Marketing, from Basic Materials to Commercial Products, developing and improving online chemistry learning to name a few. There was help in writing NSF grants, and a workshop on Building Bridges/Student Transfer Workshops designed to help ease student transfer from the 2 Year to the 4 year college. The team arranged an exciting walking tour of Harlem topped off with a traditional meal at the famous Sylvia’s Restaurant in Harlem.

Walking tour of Harlem

Sylvia’s Restaurant in Harlem

The 2YC3 conferences provide people who may be the only chemistry teacher on a rural campus to network and collaborate with a colleague from a large urban community college. Friendships are made, joint grants are created and teachers go home inspired to try something new! Many teachers who cannot attend the National ACS meetings may find the information at the ACS Booth on ACS tools

ACS Guidelines for Chemistry in Two Year Colleges, ACS Assessment Tool for Chemistry in Two Year Colleges, Teaching Chemistry to Students with Disabilities, Safety in Academic Laboratories. All of these tools have personally helped me in making decisions as our chemistry program has grown and evolved at Portland Community College, (Portland Oregon).

The next adventure for 2YC3 is at Durham Technical College in Durham, NC in November, and next year we plan to be in New Orleans in the spring and New Mexico in the Fall and of course with a membership meeting and more at the BCCE at Notre Dame in summer 2018!

The Two Year College Chemistry Consortium is always looking for new members and new leaders. Come to a meeting to share your latest and greatest innovation in chemistry education or come to learn something new, to gain colleagues and make new friends.

Kathy Carrigan, Chair 2YC3

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