Committee on Chemistry in the Two-Year College Report, Spring 2011

Committee on Chemistry in the Two-Year College (COCTYC) and the Two-Year College Chemistry Consortium (2YC3)
R. Mark Matthews (, 2011 Chair

2YC3 held two conferences this past fall. 

The 189th 2YC3 Conference was held on September 10-11 at the Sylvania Campus of Portland Community College (Portland, OR).  The theme of the conference was “Kaleidoscope: Celebrating new Innovations in Two-Year College Chemistry Programs.”  Patty Maazouz served as program chair, Jim Schneider as assistant chair, Ken Friedrich as local arrangements chair, and Gabriele Backes as exhibits coordinator, all of whom are faculty members of PCC.  Approximately 90 members were in attendance.

The 190th Conference was held on November 12-13 at the North Campus of Wake Technical Community College (Raleigh, NC).  The theme was “Education, Technology & Green Chemistry.”   The organizing committee consisted of DeeDee Allen (program chair), Tracy Cheatham (local arrangements), and Ajit Dixit (exhibits coordinator), all of whom are faculty members of Wake Tech.  Approximately 100 members were in attendance.

The COCTYC continues to collaborate with the ACS Office of Two-Year Colleges (OTYC), including a SOCED task force to develop a mechanism for recognizing excellence for two-year college chemistry programs.  Lance Lund, our 2010 chair, also represent 2YC3 at last fall’s Educational Summit in Washington, D.C.

Looking ahead, 2011 will mark the 50th anniversary of 2YC3, with each of the four regions hosting a conference. 

  • 191st Conference (Western): Mount San Antonio College, Walnut, CA, Charles Newman, Program Chair
  • 192nd Conference (Midwestern): Stark State College North Canton, OH, Amy Jo Saunders and Michelle Turner, Program Chairs
  • 193rd Conference (Southern): Brevard CC, Cocoa, FL, Mary Roslonowski, Program Chair
  • 194th Conference (Eastern): Montgomery College, Montgomery Co., MD, Virginia Miller and Sripriya Seetharaman, Program Chairs

We are encouraging all of our conference hosts to help celebrate this auspicious milestone by offering additional funding for guest speakers.  The OTYC have also graciously donated additional funding to our conference hosts to assist with our anniversary celebration.

In early November, Frank Ramdayal resigned as membership chair for personal reasons.   Lance Lund graciously served as interim chair for the remainder of the year in addition to his normal chair duties.  We were fortunate to have Tom Higgins of Harold Washington College (Chicago, IL) volunteer to serve as membership chair and was formally elected to the office during our year-end elections. 

There were two other significant roster changes since August.  Pam Clevenger from Hinds Community College (Raymond, MS) was elected as Chair-elect 2012 and Michaleen Lee ended her term as Past Chair/RAB Coordinator, marking an end to fifteen years of service on the COCTYC.

Officers (as of Jan. 2011):
Chair: Mark Matthews (2009-2014)
Chair-elect: Jason Jadin (2010-2015)
Chair-elect 2012: Pam Clevenger (2011-2016)
Past Chair/RAB Coordinator: Lance Lund (2008-2013)
Past Chair/Future Sites Coordinator: Candice McCloskey-Campbell (2007-2012)
Past Chair/DivCHED rep: Jeff Cramer (2007-2011)
Treasurer: Julie Ellefson-Kuehn (2010-2012)
Membership Chair: Tom Higgins (2011-2013)
Industrial Sponsors Chair: Michele Turner (2009-2014)
Newsletter Editor: Jim Schneider (2010-2012)
Webmaster: Luca Preziati (2010-2012)

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