Committee on Personnel and Nominations Report, Spring 2011

In the fall, the Nominations committee met (Chair elect, Chair, Secretary, and Chair of CPN) met to make committee appointments. The new appointees were invited to serve, thank yous were distributed to those moving off of committees, and new rosters were created. This action was completed by late 2010.

This spring the committee will begin deliberations to fill the slate for Chair-elect, Treasurer, Councilor, and Alternate Councilor. Again the committee will have the following materials available

Roster of the Board of Publication since 1985
Roster of the Board of Trustees since 1985
Roster of the Executive Committee since 1985
Roster of the Chair of the Division, and the board he/she served on since 1985
Listing of those asked to run for office or on a board in the past six years

These documents will help CPN understand where the division has been, who has been called to serve, and how to better develop broader slates. The Executive Committee will have the opportunity to discuss and approve the slate at the Anaheim meeting.

Cinzia Muzzi has graciously agreed to serve as chair of CPN beginning in 2012. This year the plan is to have Cinzia and I carefully share all the work of the chair so that next January she will have a very good understanding of the workflow for this committee.

Marcy Towns, Chair

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