ConfChem Online Conference, Fall 2016, Select Presentations from CCCE Sponsored Symposia During the 2016 BCCE

09/01/2016 - 10/31/2016
Online Conference

One of the challenges associated with attending a BCCE is choosing which talks to attend, because there are often concurrent talks in different symposia in which participants are interested. These conflicts between multiple interests are especially challenging for members of the CCCE who organize symposia and workshops. Thus, the responsibility of presiding in talks of their own symposium precludes them from attending other symposia that interest them. This year, members of the CCCE will organize 4 different symposia during the BCCE and the organizers of each symposium will invite two authors to present papers related to the use of computers in chemical education in a follow-up online ConfChem Conference. This approach will not only allow participants who could not attend these talks to interact with authors, but also allow members of the broader chemical education community who could not attend the BCCE to benefit from these presentations.

This ConfChem will be on the general topic of Computers in Chemical Education with papers being invited from the following symposium.

  • Homework: Past, Present, and Future
  • Social Networking in Chemical Education Research
  • Active Learning in Organic Chemistry
  • Web-based Resources for Chemical Education

Conference Organizers
Jennifer Muzyka, Centre College, KY,
Robert E. Belford, University of Arkansas at Little Rock, AR .

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