International Activities Committee Report, Spring 2016

The International Activities Committee has been quite active since its last meeting in Boston. We have held a total of three symposia at the Boston and Pacifichem meetings combined. We have sent CHED members to a CLAQ meeting in Concepcion, Chile. Our committee has reached out to the Cuban Chemical Society and developed two ACS grant proposals to facilitate conversations and collaborations with a contingent of Cuban chemists. In May of 2016 another contingent of CHED members will attend the Brazilian Chemical Society (SBQ) meeting in Goiania. At the San Diego ACS meeting the International & Multicultural Perspectives Symposium will have nine papers presented.

Three symposia have been held since our last meeting, one at the Boston ACS meeting and two at Pacifichem. All were well attended especially those in Hawaii for some strange reason.

A second chemical education symposium was held at the Congresso Latino Americano de Quimica (CLAQ) conference in Concepcion, Chile. Santiago Sandi- Urena and Norbert Pienta attended the meeting. Due to health reasons Charles Atwood had to cancel.

At the Boston ACS meeting a contingent of CHED-IAC members (Resa Kelly, Conrad Bergo, and Lourdes Echegoyan) reached out to the Cuban chemist delegation. In this meeting it was determined that the Cuban Chemical Society (SCQ) was looking for expertise in chemical education (especially at the secondary level) and analytical chemistry. Kelly and Atwood partnered with the Analytical Division, represented by Joel Harris, and wrote two ACS grant proposals (Global Improvements and Innovative Projects) in hopes of garnering the funds to send CHED-IAC representatives to Cuba to assess their present educational and instrumental state and to hold a workshop in Salt Lake City, UT with Cuban/US interactions and collaborations. Hopefully we will have success with these grants and can increase our Cuban/US interactions. We hope this also leads to a model that can be applied toward developing collaborations with other international organizations.

In May 2016 Marcy Towns, Norbert Pienta, Resa Kelly and Charles Atwood will attend the 39th SBQ meeting in Goiania, Brazil to participate in the first ever, chemical education workshop held in Brazil. This is an exciting opportunity to collaborate with the Brazilian chemists and educators. We are very grateful to Fernando Galembeck from SBQ and Brad Miller from ACS in assisting us with these efforts.

With assistance from the CHED Executive Committee the rules governing the awarding of the CHED travel award were relaxed and the funding amount was doubled, resulting in the most applicants for the award we have had in four years. This year’s recipient is Michael Dianovsky from South Dakota State University. Michael plans to attend the ECRICE Conference in Barcelona this year.

Last year’s travel ward recipient, Wendy Schatzberg from Dixie State University, attended the ESERA conference in Finland last September. She will address our committee at the San Diego meeting to tell us of her activities.

CHED-IAC is trying to liaise better with the ACS-IAC. Kelly and Atwood have requested to meet with Ellene Tratras Contis, chair of ACS-IAC and Brad Miller, Director of the ACS Office of International Activities to discuss how we might be more involved with the ACS-IAC. At the San Diego meeting Atwood will attend the ACS-IAC meeting as a guest. There is considerable ACS interest to reach out to international organizations with various interests. One common interest that many international chemical societies have is chemical education. This presents us with a great opportunity to interact and collaborate with educators in Brazil, India, Cuba, China, and Korea. We look forward to expanding our outreach.

The award is designed to support a DivCHED member who attends and fully participates in an international chemical education conference held outside the U.S. Preference is given to junior and/or under-represented faculty members who have not had the opportunity to attend an international meeting in chemical education. Information about the travel award and deadlines can be found at If you or someone you know meet the criteria please encourage them to apply, the deadline for the submission of application for the 2016-17 CHED Travel Award is November 30th, 2016.

The CHED-IAC meeting will be held from 8:00–9:30 am Sunday, March 13, 2016 in Room 12, San Diego Convention Center. Please come join us.

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