International Actvities Committee Report, Fall 2011

Carmen Valdez Gauthier (

The committee had a productive meeting at the ACS-Spring National meeting. Among the items discussed were: 1) Goals for 2011-2012, 2) CHED-IAC Travel Award, 3) Reports from liaisons to the IAC and SOCED, and 4) International Conferences.

1.  Goals for 2011-2012: The committee approved the following goals:

  • Promote international education.
  • Facilitate exchange programs by setting up an online clearing house by sharing information we already have.
  • Plan an international education symposium at every ACS spring national meeting and co-sponsor a symposium at other international meetings. Dr. Santiago Sandi-Urena will organize a symposium in the spring of 2012. Members of the committee will also apply for grants to facilitate the organization of these events.

2.  CHED-IAC Travel Award: Dr. Vasiliki Lykourinou is the recipient of the 2011 CHED-IAC Travel Award. She holds a position of instructor and general chemistry laboratory coordinator at the University of South Florida and will use the funds from the award to participate in the 4th Eurovariety in Chemistry Education Conference-September 1-3, 2011, Bremen-Germany. She will give an oral presentation outlining the outcomes of implementing the Science Writing Heuristic approach in the general chemistry laboratory instruction and current efforts undertaken in curriculum development, delivery and graduate student preparation and training.

The committee also discussed ways to increase the awareness of this award. It was decided that a call for application for the 2012 CHED-IAC Travel Award will be publicized at the CHED webpage, the Journal of Chemical Education, the C&EN announcements, and by contacting the newsletter editors for the Young Chemist Committee and Local Sections Committee.

3.  Reports from Liaisons to the IAC and SOCED Committees: Dr. Lourdes Echegoyen reported that ACS-IAC committee has established a pilot program in Global Research Experiences, Exchanges, and Training (GREET) that aims to provide intensive, high impact international experience and collaboration opportunities to US early-to-mid career faculty mentor and graduate/undergraduate student mentee team. The deadline for this program was April 10, 2011. She also made the committee aware of the seven strategic priorities that are in line with the CHED-IAC initiatives.

Mort Hoffman reported on the SOCED meeting as it relates to the international sector. He also mentioned that European students who are members of the European younger chemists’ network will attend the ACS-Fall Meeting in Denver, CO. The committee agreed to provide a nominal co-sponsorship to the European group.

4.  International Conferences: The committee will be co-sponsoring symposia at the following meetings:

  • IUPAC Congress in Puerto Rico: The committee will co-sponsor three symposia:

“POGIL Across the Curriculum and Around the World,” organized by Dr. Frank Creegan.

“Advances in Alternative Energy Systems,” organized by Dr. Tessy Haft with support from COMSCI.

“Chemical Education for the Future: A Global Perspective,” organized by Drs Zafra Lerman and Ram Lamba.

  • ACS-Fall Meeting in Denver: “Chemistry on Stamps,” organized by Dr. Daniel Rabinovich.
  • A symposium on “Global Sustainability: Reflections from Chemistry” to be held October 10-12, 2011 at the University of Concepcion-Chile.

CHED activities in Denver

The CHED-IAC meeting will be held from 8:00–9:30 am on Sunday, August 28, 2011. The committee will discuss the CHED-IAC Travel Award, organization of symposia at national and international meetings, and the implementation of the database for programs of international nature for educators. If you are interested in joining us, please contact Committee Chair Carmen Valdez Gauthier ( I look forward to hearing from you! Thank you.

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