Passer Education Grant Application Form

The Goal and Guidelines for Passer Education Grants are listed on the Division of Chemical Education website.

Applicant Eligibility: Full time faculty member at institutions that do not offer any advanced degree in the chemical sciences (e.g, four-year baccalaureate institutions and community colleges).

Eligible Activities: Professional development activities such as workshops related to enhancement of teaching skills that take the applicant away from his/her home institution.  (This fund does not support registration for attendance at national, regional, or local meetings, research grants, curriculum development projects, sabbatical leave expenses, purchase of equipment, organizing workshops, or travel unrelated to an educational pursuit.)

Award Amount:  Expenses for one workshop or activity with a limit of $1000.  Expenses include transportation, housing costs and meals (at per diem rate) that are not supported by other sources of funding.  Valid receipts will be required for reimbursement.

Activity of Interest to Attend
Item 4. Itemized Estimated Expenses
Ground Travel
Supplemental source(s) of support

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