Younger Chemistry Education Scholars Committee Report, Spring 2016

The YCES committee supports graduate students, postdoctoral fellows, and early-career (1st-5th year) faculty engaged in pursuing chemistry education research. In addition, the committee promotes interest in chemistry education inclusive graduate programs through outreach to undergraduates.

Since we last met, the committee has continued to seek authors for blog posts for the YCES Blog. David Wren has taken the lead and we have several posts lined up for a more regular publication schedule. The first blog post was by William Marmoor, the winner of the Undergraduate CER Poster Award that was co-sponsored by YCES and CER committees. Jordan Harshman worked with the CER committee chair to develop a rubric for the poster judging and YCES friends of the committee were judges. The winner received $50, a certificate, and a guest blog post. Justin Carmel worked to secure sponsored prizes for a raffle at San Diego ACS. Thomas Bussey has secured YCES a table at the Undergraduate Recruitment Fair. We are still working on ideas for future BCCE meetings and social events for the ACS meeting in San Diego. We put out a poll and folks voted for several smaller events rather than one large event. We are still working to make our events more modular so that committees in the future have less work to put in to host them. David Wren created a LinkedIn group for YCES so that friends of the committee can network through that channel and we have posted relevant things on our twitter and Facebook accounts.

At the upcoming meeting we will focus on welcoming our new member Brittland DeKorver and introducing the not new member but new co-chair Jordan Harshman. We will be working to increase our presence at the 2016 BCCE and 2018 BCCE by providing more professional development and networking opportunities at these conferences. For the 2018 BCCE, we will be planning specific symposia sponsored by YCES for professional development. We also plan to focus our attention on blog posts, securing prizes for recruitment, voting on a logo, moving forward with materials for the Undergraduate Recruitment booth, and making recommendations for future members. We will check in with Thomas Bussey regarding “The Spotlight” and hear the progress there. The spotlight, which is an idea to highlight the outstanding work of several younger chemistry education researchers. We will also take volunteers from the friends of the committee for hosting future Graduate Student Research Symposia sessions. As always, we will discuss more effective ways to reach out to undergraduates to inform them of CER as path!

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