Younger Chemistry Education Scholars Report, Spring 2017

We were excited to kick off another successful series of events at BCCE 2016. Thanks to the generous support of a number of faculty members, we were able to give advice on CVs to 17 graduate students/postdocs at the second annual CV Speed Dating event. This iteration of the event also featured a panel in which the faculty members were able to share a few words of wisdom for prospective job hunters. At the 2016 BCCE, we gathered a record 62 people at the networking social. This year, we successfully implemented some structured activities as a way to maximize meeting new people. It was a very promising sign when even those who have been in the field for some time reported meeting new people! Finally, the Graduate Student Research Forum had enough submissions to span across three sessions at BCCE. We thank everyone involved for making this long-standing symposium a permanent venture for the foreseeable future!

We also helped spread the word about the ACS Program-in-a-Box titled “The Chemists Code for Success”. Seven of our “friends of the YCES committee” either hosted an event themselves or found someone on their campus to host it. We provided a beaker mug for each location to raffle off to its participants as an incentive. We were highlighted as an example how one division’s outreach resulted in such a high return.

We hope to continue coordinating and providing high quality professional advice through our blog. At our meeting, we voted to invite 11 authors to write on as many topics for future blogs that range from Securing Your First Grant to Tips for Being a Reviewer for Chemistry Education Research Journals. We believe that these blogs are getting out to people in the field and hope that they are serving as quality professional development that is specialized to the people in chemistry education. We update the blog periodically, so be sure to check it out at! If you are a faculty member, please share it with your graduate students. Past posts are relevant to each new group of graduate students!

We also procured brand new banners and polo shirts for our Undergraduate Recruitment booth. Thanks to the Executive Committee for helping our booth look professional as we share the field of Chemical Education with undergraduates who may not have been aware it was an option for them.

This year at ACS we have a great program of events lined up including a coffee mornings on Sunday and Tuesday and a social on Monday afternoon/evening. Keep an eye out on our facebook page and the listserv for a flyer of events.

Finally, although all of our committee members help out immensely throughout the year, we wanted to take a brief moment to highlight a few members who have put in extra time this year to make sure that the committee’s visions came to fruition. Our Treasurer and Social Chair Justin Carmel helped us design and order our materials for our recruitment booth and secured raffle prizes for our events. Sonia Underwood and Brittland DeKorver and Thomas Bussey all made sure that BCCE events were well staffed and running smoothly. David Wren has put in countless hours making sure that our blog has a queue of posts ready to go and working with posters if they need help. And finally, a major thank you to Jordan Harshman who had to take on more responsibility at the conferences this year as co-Chair because his co-Chair Stephanie Ryan couldn’t attend conferences due to her newborn.

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