Younger Chemists' Committee Report, Fall 2014

Prepared by Kim Linenberger, July 10, 2014

The spring National ACS meeting in Dallas was quite productive for the YCES. We continued to foster networking as the DivCHED representatives at the Graduate Student and Postdoc Reception. Members of the YCES also discussed the possibilities of CER graduate programs with undergraduates at the Graduate School Recruiting Fair where 47 undergraduates signed up to receive more information about graduate programs in CER. We also mingled with those undergraduates presenting at the undergraduate poster session and handed out flyers about CER graduate programs. The Chemistry Education Research: Graduate Student Research Forum Symposium was held for the fifth year on Sunday, March 16. This symposium was organized and presided by Kelli Galloway and Jessica Reed, both graduate students and had 9 presentations and approximately 50 people in attendance. Finally, at the YCES committee meeting which was held following the Graduate Student Research Forum we appointed Stephanie Ryan to coordinate the BCCE committee events and discussed the committees long range plans.

Part of the plan was to increase our web presence by creating the @ACS_YCES twitter handle! Justin Carmel, graduate student Miami University, has taken the lead on this project and will be live tweeting from symposia targeted at the YCES community for those that cannot attend and also at our committee sponsored events at conferences. Be sure to follow us on Twitter. The YCES blog has been live for over a year and is still going strong! The most recent blog post is written by Thomas Bussey, University of California, San Diego regarding how the YCES community can become more involved in the broader CER community. Please visit to check out the latest content and post comments and questions to the author. If you are interested in becoming a guest blogger or have an idea for a post please contact Jessica Reed (

Stephanie Ryan, with the help of other volunteers, has planned an amazing line up of networking and professional development events for the YCES community at the BCCE. If you have any questions related to the events at BCCE please contact Stephanie (

  • Jessica Reed and Kelli Galloway have organized a CV Speed Dating event sponsored by WebAssign on Sunday afternoon prior to the start of the BCCE where CER graduate students and postdocs will have the opportunity to have their CV evaluated by faculty who have either served on hiring committees in their departments or who have recently gone through the hiring process.
  • To encourage networking we will be hosting the YCES Social on Tuesday night of BCCE where CER books donated by ACS will be awarded to those who complete a networking “Bingo” card. 
  • In order to encourage networking with those outside of the YCES community an additional networking event will be included as part of the Wednesday night social where members of the YCES community will be required to fill out a short questionnaire about 3 members of the CER community whom they meet at the event.
  • A final raffle based on participation at all events will be conducted Wednesday night for a Livescribe Echo Smartpen that was donated by Livescribe, Inc.
  • Finally, as part of our long range plan of welcoming new members of the YCES community into the greater CER community, ACS Exams Institute has sponsored buttons related to CER that will be handed out at each YCES sponsored event and ones for committee members to wear that says “Ask me about CER.”
  • We will also be having our committee meeting at BCCE on Sunday from 12:00-1:00PM.

If you are a CER graduate student and are interested or know of a graduate student who would be interested in organizing and presiding over the Chemistry Education Research: Graduate Student Research Forum Symposium please contact any of the YCES committee members. Also, if you are a graduate student, post doctoral researcher or young faculty member in CER and would like to become involved with the YCES committee please contact me at (

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