High School Chemistry Report, Fall 2013

Welcome to the new school year.  There are many issues facing chemistry teachers across the country such as class sizes, budget concerns, and the need for more inquiry.  Those chemistry teachers searching for support for topics such as safety, resources, or laboratory facilities or other pertinent issues in the chemistry classroom should access the ACS Guidelines for Teaching High School Chemistry.  These Guidelines have been recently revised and serve as an excellent resource for almost any concern in a chemistry classroom.  More information was in the Spring 2013 Newsletter.  Another great class opportunity would be the formation of a Chem Club at your school.  This is a phenomenal way to excite both instructors and students.  Check the ACS website for more information.

We had a great High School Committee meeting in New Orleans.  There were many committee members and guests.  The committee will be holding a teleconference before the Fall meeting in Indianapolis to decide on the main topics that we want to work on for this year.  We are also working to further develop our relationship with the Programming Committee.  This would especially concern the High School Days at the National ACS meetings.
The ACS Board is still working on the formation of a National Chemistry Teachers Alliance.   Further questions are being researched by the National Board and we will keep you updated as things progress.

The new AP Chemistry laboratory manual is complete and ready as the changes for the course start next year.  The Instructor is now available as a PDF form from College Board while the student manual will be available for purchase.  AP teachers should attempt to attend a training session this next school year to gain better exposure to these changes.

We hope you are planning on attending a chemical conference this year.  They always provide great networking, tremendous workshops, and a great way to revitalize your teaching.  You could attend one of the Regional ACS meetings this year or the Fall meeting in Indianapolis.  A possible source of funding for a national meeting could be the DivCHED and their new Travel Awards which are awarded so winners can attend a national ACS meeting or a Biennial meeting.   Chem Ed 2013 was also held in the beginning of August and is always a great resource.

The 2014 BCCE (Greener on the Grand) will be held at Grand Valley State University in Western Michigan, August 3 - 7 2014.  The website  www.bcce2014.org  is already up and running and would provide an outstanding summer opportunity.

The High School Committee is always looking for suggestions so contact any of the members listed on the DivCHED website at www.divched.org.

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