International Activities Committee Report, Fall 2015

Charles H. Atwood, Chair (2014-2016)

The committee continues its efforts to promote issues on global education by organizing or co-sponsoring programs both nationally and internationally.  At the Denver ACS Meeting the committee heard a presentation from H. N. Cheng, chair of the ACS International Activities Committee, who told us about some of their initiatives.  In particular the ACS is opening a few International ACS chapters in foreign countries.  One has been opened in India and others are being considered in China and Brazil.  The ACS wants to promote educational activities at future foreign chemical society meetings.  There is also a push to start an Atlantichem meeting that would compliment the familiar Pacifichem meeting.
A second initiative planned with the International Activities Office of ACS is to send an ACS Chem Ed contingent to the 39th Reuinao Anual da Sociedade Brasileria de Quimica to be held in Goiania, Brazil from May 30th to June 2nd, 2016.  These details are being finalized now.  Plans are for a contingent of four DivCHED members to attend the meeting, interact with Brazilian Educators and open some discussion about international Chem Ed activities.

At the Denver ACS meeting the committee sponsored the symposium, “Chemistry Education: International and Multi-cultural perspectives” organized by Sonali Raje and Santiago Sandi-Urena which had a total of total of 5 papers presented.

Charles Atwood and Santiago Sandi-Urena submitted a paper to the European Chemistry and Chemical Engineering Education Network (EC2E2N) newsletter explaining the purpose of the International Activities Committee and inviting collaborations which was published in the February edition of the EC2E2N newsletter.

Resa Kelley continues to work on the traveling symposium that will appear at American and Canadian Chemical Society meetings.  Details on the symposium “Uniting International Chemical Societies through a Traveling Symposium” are still developing.  Resa and her collaborators are holding their first symposium at the Canadian Chemical Conference in Ottawa -   Resa is also organizing a symposium for the Boston ACS meeting entitled, “Education for Sustainable Development and Innovative Technologies Across Culture.”

The committee is cosponsoring along with the ACS Committee on International Activities a symposium at the Boston ACS meeting entitled “Opportunities for U.S. / Cuba Collaboration in Chemistry, Chemical Engineering and Chemistry Education.”  We will invite some of these attendees to our Boston meeting to discuss future collaborations. 

Santiago Sandi-Urena and Carmen Valdez Gauthier are in discussions to have a second chemical education symposium at the Latin American Chemistry Congress (CLAQ) meeting in January 2016.

At the 2015 Pacifichem Conference there will be a symposium entitled, “Educational Approaches to Help Students Connect Chemistry to World Issues of Sustainability and Climate” organized by Thomas Holme, Peter Mahaffy, Mary Kirchhoff, Mei-Hung Chiu, and Resa Kelly.

The CHED-IAC International Travel Award was awarded to Wendy Schatzberg of Dixie State University in St. George, Utah.  Wendy will attend the European Science Education Research Association Conference in Helsinki, Finland August 31, 2015 to September 4, 2015.  She will present a paper on student misconceptions transferring knowledge between chemistry lecture and laboratory.  Wendy will present her report at San Diego ACS meeting.

CHED Travel Award
The award is designed to support a DivCHED member who attends and fully participates in an international chemical education conference held outside the U.S.   Preference is given to junior and/or under-represented faculty members who have not had the opportunity to attend an international meeting in chemical education. Information about the travel award and deadlines can be found at  If you or someone you know meet the criteria please encourage them to apply, the deadline for the submission of application for the 2014 CHED Travel Award is November 30th, 2015. 

The CHED-IAC meeting will be held from 8:00–9:30 am on Sunday, August 16, 2015, in the Cambridge 1 room of the Seaport World Trade Center.  The committee will discuss the 39th Reuinao Anual da Sociedade Brasileria de Quimica and IAC participation in future national and international meetings.  If you are interested in international issues please join us.  I look forward to hearing from you!


Charles Atwood

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