Safety Committee Report, Fall 2019

The Safety Committee meets at each National Meeting, seeking to pursue its vision of education that embeds accurate chemical safety instruction at all educational levels and implement its mission to provide resources and strategies to chemical and science educators in order to prepare chemists and others to function safely while using chemicals. Members of the Safety Committee have been actively presenting talks and workshops as well as hosting symposia at National and Regional ACS meetings and other venues. This includes a full day session at the San Diego meeting blending contributed talks with presentations arising from the 2019 Safety Education Summit (see more details in Dr. Charpentier’s C&EN comment (April 12 C&EN, or the Summit report in the Journal of Chemical Health and Safety (“Strategic opportunities in chemical safety education: A report on the 2019 ACS Safety Summit” by Ralph Stuart, are excited that the Chemical Health and Safety Exam from the Exams Institute is nearing completion, and that the next edition of the ACS Style Guide will incorporate presenting safety information. The upcoming special issue of the Jounral of Chemical Education focusing on safety is also something anticipated with pleasure.Moving forward, we hope to gather information from other parts of DivCHED about safety interests and needs and to contribute to some of the iniatives springing from the Safety Education Summit. We have been working well with DivCHAS, the Committee on Chemical Safety, and ACS staff and hope to continue those collaborations. Anyone interested in safety education and interested in getting involved is welcome to attend our committee meetings at the National Meetings, or contact me and I will try to connect you with appropriate folks and projects.

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