Reimbursement Table
AssignmentExCom Member, plus invited cmt. chairs/members, Finance CmtTreasurer, Chair SuccessionSecretary, Councilors, Chair attending Spring AwardsHigh School ChairProgram
 Committee Chair
w/permission of
Division Chair (but not ExCom)
National Meeting Co-chairsRegional Meeting Rep
LODGING2 nights3 nights5 nights 2 days; $200 each1-6 days; $200/day 2 days; $200 each1-6 days; $200/day2 nights
MEALS2 days Fed per diem3 days Fed per diem5 days Fed per diem coachnonenonenoneup to $50, included in lodging allowance2 days Fed per diem
AIR / TRAIN/ VEHICLEcoachcoachcoachcoach1/2 coach1/2 coach1/2 coachcoach
BAGS1 each way1 each way1 each way1 each way1/2 each way1/2 each way1/2 each way1 each way
GROUND TO PORTS taxi/shuttle/mileage taxi/shuttle/mileage taxi/shuttle/mileage taxi/shuttle/mileage1/2 taxi/shuttle/milg.1/2 taxi/shuttle/milg.1/2 taxi/shuttle/milg.
1/2 taxi/shuttle/milg.
INCIDENTALSFed RateFed RateFed RateFed RateFed RateFed RateFed RateFed Rate
NOTES: Finance Committee gets Friday, Saturday If meeting co-chair gets reimbursement by another ACS entity (Board of Pub or Trustees, Council, SOCED, etc) Division will pay the difference between expenses covered by the other entity and actual expenses
Chairs and Treasurer get Fri, Sat, Sun
ExCom includes Alternate Councilors
Alternate Councilors may get Councilor reimbursement if they attend Council meeting in place of Secretary or other Councilor
Anyone requesting Councilor reimbursement must use Councilor Form, (forwarde to Turbo Execs, which will send it to the Treasurer for signature) and must have confirmation of Council attendance (voting card).
Appointed members of Board of Publication and Board of Trustees are reimbursed by their own entity. Ex officio members are reimbursed according to their
office. Rules for reimbursement are the same as column B, except the BoP chair or designee who gets column D when attending the Spring Awards Dinner