Committee on Personnel and Nominations Report, Spring 2013

In fall 2012, the Chair of the Committee on Personnel and Nominations (CPN) contacted all committee chairs for recommendations regarding committee appointments. Nominations were also taken from the on-line application form. The 2012 DivChed chair, chair elect, and past chair then made committee appointments. The new appointees were invited to serve, thank you letters were distributed to those moving off committees, and new rosters were created. This action was completed by early 2013.

CPN has worked diligently for the spring meeting in NOLA. CPN has worked to put forth a slate that includes potential candidates for Chair-elect, one Councilor, and two Alternate Councilor spots as well as Secretary/Councilor for the Executive Committee. In addition, the committee was charged with finding an interim Board of Publications member. Again the committee had the following materials available:

-Roster of the Board of Publication since 1985
-Roster of the Board of Trustees since 1985
-Roster of the Executive Committee since 1985
-Roster of the Chair of the Division, and the board he/she served on since 1985
-Listing of those asked to run for office or on a board in the past six years

These documents help CPN understand where the division has been, who has been called to serve, and how to better develop broader slates. The Executive Committee will have the opportunity to discuss and approve the slate in April.

Finally, CPN is also looking to codify some of its processes and policies as well as compiling standard invitations and thank you acknowledgements. I look forward to answering any questions our members might have regarding CPN’s operations and role in the Division.

Cinzia Muzzi, Chair

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