International Activities Committee Report, Spring 2014

The International Activities Committee would like to thank two longtime members for their invaluable service to the committee: Zafra Lerman and Mort Hoffman.  We will miss Zafra and Morton’s expertise and their wise counsel in organizing international symposia.  I would like to welcome Conrad Bergo as our new member.

The committee continues its effort to organize and co-sponsor symposia at national and International Conferences.  Santiago Sandi-Urena (University of South Florida) and Sonali Raje (Towson University) have been organizing a series of symposia “Chemical Education: International and Multicultural Perspectives” at the spring ACS National Meetings.  The goal of these symposia is to promote and to foster collaborations in chemical education research and practice among chemical educators from diverse cultural backgrounds.  In line with the CHED-IAC and the ACS global initiatives, we believe that these symposia have made an impact on future international collaborations. Other symposia the committee is organizing in the upcoming ACS National meetings are:  “Global Perspectives in Chemical Education: Research and Practice” (ACS National Meeting in San Francisco) organized by Drs. Gauthier and Kelly and “Uniting International Chemical Societies Through A Traveling Symposium.”(ACS National Meeting in Denver)  organized by Dr. Kelly.  Additionally, Drs. Sandi-Urena and Raje have also started organizing similar symposia at international conferences.  We are also collaborating with the ACS-IAC committee in co-sponsorship of symposia.

The CHED-IAC completed the Travel Award evaluation for 2014.  The recipient of this year’s travel grant is Sarah J. Hansen who is a graduate student in science education with an emphasis in chemistry education at Columbia University in New York.  Ms. Hansen will attend the 2014 ICCE in Toronto.  She will work on developing an international network to develop innovative learning communities in the Kindregarten through College arena.  The committee will continue to work with YCC and 2-year community college groups in seeking their assistance in promoting the CHED-IAC Travel Award.

Upcoming events:

ACS National Spring Meeting, Dallas 2014

Chemistry Education: International and Multicultural Perspectives

The program for this symposium is already finalized with speakers originating from institutions in six countries (Canada, Costa Rica, Finland, Japan, Turkey, and the US) and the talks including experiences (undergraduate research and study abroad) in seven other countries (France, Germany, Malaysia, Saudi Arabia, Spain, Qatar and the UAE). The program also includes talks on aspects related to underrepresented minorities in chemistry education.

IUPAC International Conference on Chemical Education, ICCE 2014, Toronto, Canada, July 13-18, 2014

Chemistry Education: International and Multicultural Perspectives

Abstract submission is currently open and will close January 31, 2014. One aspect of particular interest is that members of the IAC-DivCHED have partnered with chemistry educators from four other countries to organize this event (Argentina, Costa Rica, Mexico, and Spain).

ACS National Fall Meeting, San Francisco, August, 2014

Global Perspectives in Chemical Education Research and Practice

PacifiChem 2015, Hawaii, December 15-20, 2015

Chemistry Education: International and Multicultural Perspectives

The proposal for this symposium is currently under consideration by the Organizing Committee and it was submitted under the topic area “Connecting Chemistry to Society”. For this proposal, the IAC-DivCHED established a collaboration to co-organize the event with chemistry educators from Korea and New Zealand.

FLAQ 2014, Lima Peru, October 13-17, 2014

International Symposium on Chemical Education Research
This will be a one-day symposium sponsored in collaboration with the ACS-IAC, FLAQ and the GIDEEQ (Research Group for the Development of Strategies for the Teaching of Chemistry at the Pontifical Catholic University of Peru).

The CHED-IAC meeting will be held from 8:00–9:30 am on Sunday, March 16, 2014, in the Hyatt Regency-Dallas, Kessler Room.  The committee will discuss the 2013 International Travel Award, organization of a symposium at the next Latin American Congress of Chemistry to be held in Peru in 2014, and IAC participation in future national and international meetings. Finally, if you are interested in being part of this committee or you would like us to consider any new ideas, please let me know (

Carmen Valdez Gauthier

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