High School Chemistry Committee Report, Spring 2015

The most exciting resource for chemistry teachers is the new website for the AACT (American Association for Chemistry Teachers). This new website has some phenomenal activities or support for the chemistry teacher. This group is supported by the ACS so the charter membership is MUCH cheaper than any other national support group. See what they have to offer at www.teachchemistry.org.

Plan on attending ChemEd 2015. This is being held this summer at Kennesaw State University in Kennesaw, GA. Kennesaw is a suburb of Atlanta, GA so will have easier access and much for a family vacation. The dates are July 28-August 1, 2015. Check their website at www.ccpe.kennesaw.edu. ChemEd has many activities that support the chemistry teacher and well worth the time.

The High School Committee will have a meeting in Denver. The committee has not met the last two meetings due to conflicts.

The High School Committee is welcoming new committee members. We have also welcomed Jo King to the Co-Chair position. She is an AP chemistry teacher in the Houston , Texas area.

The committee has worked with the Programming committee to obtain chairs for the National High School Day at the national meetings. We will continue to assist in getting volunteers to assume this position for two national meetings. This will insure more interaction and understanding of this position.

We have also kept in touch with Adam Boyd and Terri Taylor from ACS. Adam is heading up the AACT (American Association of Chemistry Teachers). Adam will be attending the Denver meeting to allow our committee to meet Adam and have conversations concerning how the High School Committee can assist the AACT.

We still continue to maintain the submissions of the High School committee for the Newsletter. We continue to inform the members of current and important notifications for the members concerning issues such as the new Guidelines for Teaching High School Chemistry, updates on the AACT, programs available through the ACS such as Chem Club and Hach Grants, and information of the various meetings such as Chem ED, BCCE’s, and national/regional meetings from ACS.

Our next High School Committee meeting will involve looking at issues such as possible time changes for the committee so it doesn’t conflict with the National High School Day and other roles that the committee can assume.


Jeff Hepburn, Co-Chair

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