From the Chair-elect, Cheryl Frech, Spring 2017

As chemists and educators, we thrive in a constant state of change. Think about it: you are not doing the identical research that you did when you began your career. Nor are you teaching your courses in exactly the same manner as you did in your first semester in the classroom. The Division of Chemical Education is also always changing. A number of new people have joined the Executive Committee in leadership positions. I am not new to the Executive Committee, but I am certainly new to the chair succession.
As other chair-elects have noted, there is a lot to learn about CHED! My plan for 2017 is to listen and learn. Our division is fortunate to have excellent mentors and a tradition of helpfulness. I am grateful to the current chair, MaryKay Orgill, and immediate past chair, Cathy Middlecamp, for sharing their wisdom and helping me learn about the position and the issues that are currently in front of the Division.
If you are wondering how to get active in the Division or if you have a comment or concern, please feel free to contact me or any member of the Executive Committee. If you are attending the national meetings in San Francisco or Washington, please plan to attend the CHED Social on Sunday evening and say hello!

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