International Activities Committee Report, Spring 2018

Chair: Resa Kelly
San José State University

Greetings! Since we last met at the ACS National Meeting in Washington DC, we had three applicants for the $2000 travel award and the award went to Dr. Jack Barbera. Dr. Barbera is an associate professor at Portland State University and plans to use his travel award to attend “The Variety in Chemistry Education and Physics Higher Education Conference” held at the University of Sheffield in the UK where he plans to present results from a multi-institutional project about flipped learning. This will be his first international conference. He plans to submit an article for our IAC website and he also plans to present the details of his trip at the Spring 2019 ACS-IAC meeting and symposium.

Our Facebook presence has grown to just over 70 members. A request was made at our fall meeting to have someone take on keeping up with the group and Charlie Cox expressed interest. As we move forward it would be helpful to have several of our members focusing on our social media presence and working to find stories/blogs that highlight international experiences of DivCHED members for posting to our website.

There will be two symposia at the ACS National Meeting in New Orleans. Wendy Schatzberg, Charlie Cox and Alexey Leontyev will be co-organizing the symposium: Chemistry Teaching Practices from International Viewpoints. Resa Kelly and former DivCHED IAC chair, Butch Atwood, will co-organize the symposium: US-Cuba Collaborations in Chemistry Education. Unfortunately, due to US Embassy challenges in Cuba, our Cuban presenters were unable to secure visas to attend this conference and the symposium. We hope to have them present through video-recorded presentations, but we are still working on the logistics of this. Attend the symposium to find out how this cliffhanger ends!

Co-editors Cox and Schatzberg continue to work on their ACS Book project featuring international relations in chemistry education. Look for their book launch probably in the fall.

Kelly applied for a Division Innovative Project Proposal to support an international symposium taking place at the Ibero Americano de Química conference in Lima, Perú to be held in October of 2018. The symposium was recommended by former DivCHED IAC Carmen Valdez Gauthier, who has worked tirelessly to foster collaborations in Peru and recently completed her Fulbright Scholarship work in that area. The symposium will focus on the ways that we engage students to learn chemistry concepts that have interdisciplinary connections, real world applications or that bridge to advanced chemistry concepts, but that ultimately spark student interest about the nature of science.  A novel requirement of the symposium is that each presenter will be asked to either present a 3-minute video clip of authentic chemistry teaching practice that highlights revelations on aspects of instruction that presenters find most useful in their practice or the presenter will be asked to actually model the teaching strategy during their talk and these segments will be video recorded. The video clips will be shared through our Division’s webpage and/or Facebook group where further discussion will be encouraged and people unable to attend the symposium will be able to interact with the speakers. Ultimately, participants will develop a sense of community, collegiality and better understand teaching strategies used to support student learning of chemistry concepts across many cultures.  Funds will be used to assist a few speakers, including undergraduates and graduate students.

At the upcoming open meeting in New Orleans we will focus on future programs and grants that the committee should pursue and ways that we can have more equitable involvement of all DivCHED IAC members.  We also must select the next co-organizers of the Spring 2019 DivCHED IAC symposium. We need to advertise for the 2019 International Travel Award due November 30, 2018. We will discuss plans to meet at the BCCE at Notre Dame. We will share updates on upcoming international meetings that our members plan to attend and how we can best report on the happenings at these events. We will discuss how to strategically use a $2000 endowment from member Conrad Bergo to assist non-US DivCHED IAC members to attend future ACS National Meetings.

Thank you to all our members: Nicole Becker, Conrad Bergo, Charlie Cox, Alison Lemay, Sarah Hansen, Alex Leontyev, Akiko Nakamura, Stephanie Ryan, Wendy Schatzberg, Hannah Sevian and Roy Tasker


Resa Kelly

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