Chemical Education Research Report, Spring 2019

Greetings from the Chemical Education Research Committee (CERC)! We have been busy with new and continuing initiatives that forward our mission to inform chemical educators, foster scholarship, and encourage improvement of the quality of chemistry education research.Specifically, we are working on the following, and look forward to discussing many of these at our upcoming committee meeting in Orlando.
Chemistry Education Research Sponsored Symposia and Events:

  • NEW: BCCE 2020 Symposium on Research-Based Instructional Strategies in Chemistry Education
    • In collaboration with SOCED, the Two-Year College Chemistry Consortium, and the American Association of Chemistry Teachers
    • New initiative in the planning stages, stay tuned for updates as BCCE 2020 approaches!
  • New and Noteworthy in Chem Ed Research symposia at Spring ACS Meetings
  • Research to Practice symposia at BCCE and Fall ACS Meetings (during non-BCCE years)
  • CER symposia at all national meetings (Spring and Fall ACS as well as BCCE)
  • BCCE 2018 Methods Symposia
    • Organized with YCES to promote professional development
    • Symposia on Theoretical Frameworks, Quantitative Methods, and Qualitative Methods
    • Exploring ways to make available for dissemination to the broader community

Additional CER Initiatives:

  • Undergraduate CER poster judging and awards (Spring ACS meetings in collaboration with YCES)
  • Moderation of the CER listserv through the ChemEd-X server
  • Development of CER resources  web pages
  • Collaboration with the Royal Society of Chemistry on Webinar series
  • Collaboration with other technical divisions (such as the Division of Organic Chemistry) to offer joint symposia to help bridge CER research to practice

We will have an open meeting in Orlando on Tuesday, 2 April 12:00 – 1:30 in Convention Center Room W312C. All are welcome to join us and contribute to our efforts. We hope to see many of you there!

Melonie Teichert – CER Committee Chair
United States Naval Academy

Joi Walker – CER Committee Co-Chair
East Carolina University

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