Committee on Personnel and Nominations Report, Winter 2011

Marcy Towns, Chair (

The Executive Committee appointed Barbara Gonzalez of CSU-Fullerton and Alex Grushow of Rider University to serve on the Examinations Institute Board of Trustees, and Ellen Yezierski of Miami University and Chris Bauer of the University of New Hampshire to serve on the Board of Publication of the Journal of Chemical Education at the Fall 2011 ACS national meeting.

Each fall the chair of DivCHED, chair elect, secretary/councilor, and chair of CPN meet to discuss committee appointments.  Those who are rotating off of committees are identified to be thanked for their service.  In conjunction with input from the committee chairs, new appointments and reappointments are made.  In addition we consult the many large list of members who have indicated that they would be willing to serve on the many important committees that support DivCHED.  At this point we in fact have the situation where so many of you have indicated that you’d be willing to serve, that we cannot place everyone!  Please be patient.  We appreciate your willingness to serve on the many important committees of DivCHED.

At the Spring 2012 ACS meeting in San Diego, CPN will present a slate of candidates for elected officers of DivCHED’s Executive Committee whose terms are expiring at the end of 2009.  The slate will include candidates for Chair-elect, Treasurer, Councilor, and an Alternate Councilor.  CPN nominates two people for each available position.  The duties of each elected officer can be found here.

Would you like to become more involved in the activities of the division?  Perhaps serve on a division committee or run for office?  Now becoming involved is easier than ever.  When you complete the online form, the Chair of the Committee for Personnel and Nominations (CPN) and the Chair of the Web Committee are notified and receive a copy of your filled out form.  It has never been easier to volunteer to serve on a committee or to signal that you’d like to run for office!

CPN will have a new Chair in 2012 Dr. Cinzia Muzzi.  Cinzia has a long history of service to the division and we are fortunate to have someone of her talent in the position of chair!  Cinzia is a professor of chemistry at DeAnza College in California and can be reached at

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