International Activities Committee, Winter 2011

Carmen Valdez Gauthier,

The committee had a productive meeting at the ACS Fall National meeting.  The committee continues to promote international collaborations by attending, organizing, and co-sponsoring national and international symposia. Below is an example of the committee participation in meetings since our last report:

1.) International Conferences:  The committee co-sponsored several symposia at the following meetings:

  • IUPAC Congress in Puerto Rico: The committee will co-sponsor three symposia:
      • “POGIL Across the Curriculum and Around the World,” organized by Dr. Frank Creegan.
      • “Advances in Alternative Energy Systems,” organized by Dr. Tessy Haft with support from COMSCI.
      • “Chemical Education for the Future: A Global Perspective,” organized by Drs Zafra Lerman and Ram Lamba.
  • ACS-Fall Meeting in Denver: “Chemistry on Stamps,” organized by Dr. Daniel Rabinovich.
  • A symposium on “Global Sustainability: Reflections from Chemistry” as part of the International Year of Chemistry celebration at the University of Concepcion-Chile, October 10-12, 2011. 

2.) ACS-National Meeting in San Diego:  The committee is organizing a symposium on “Chemical Education: International and Muticultural Perspectives.” I encourage you to attend the symposium.  Thanks to Santiago Sandi-Urena and Sonali Raje for the outstanding job in organizing the symposium.

3.) Future International Conferences: Committee members are organizing the following symposia:

  • Rachel Mamlok-Naaman from the Weizmann Institute of Science and Zafra Lerman are organizing a symposium on chemical education at the EurAsia 2012 Conference, which will take place on April 16-21, 2012 on the island of Corfu in Greece. More information can be found at: .
  • CHED-IAC will co-sponsor a symposium at the ECRICE-ICCE in Rome, July 2012.  More information on this conference can be found at:

4.) CHED-IAC Travel Award:  Dr. Vasiliki Lykourinou is the recipient of the 2011 CHED-IAC Travel Award.  She presented a paper at the 4th Eurovariety in Chemistry Education Conference titled "Implementation of SWH in Large Enrollment General Chemistry Labs".  More information can be found under IAC Travel Award Report.  

If you or someone you know is interested in taking an active role in international chemical education, it is not too late to submit your International Travel Award application for 2012.  More details on the application can be found at; the deadline is November 30, 2011.

The committee will continue to work on its goals to promote international collaboration in chemical education.  If you are interested in joining us, please contact Committee Chair Carmen Valdez Gauthier (  We look forward to hearing from you!

Thank you.

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