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TBD, Chair
Colleen Craig
Bill Donovan
Cheryl Frech
Tom Higgins
Robert Kojima
Jennifer Lewis
Sherri Rukes

Ex Officio
Amiee Modic, MAL
Rick Moog, Treasurer


Develops plans that allow the Division to adapt to changes in technology, science, and the expectations of members.


ACS National Meetings
Sunday, 2:30PM - 4:30PM (Open Meeting)

Activities and Highlights

Members of the committee are eager to hear from you about ideas and issues that you feel could make the Division more efficient and effective in meeting your professional needs as chemical educators. Please feel free to contact the committee about what you are thinking. If you are interested in participating in the activities of your professional organization, please visit the Get Involved form and let your elected officers know how and where you would like to become involved.

Activities of the committee include:

  • Assess the strengths and weaknesses of the division, assess the opportunities and difficulties it faces, and identify ways to use the strengths and opportunities to mediate the weaknesses and problems. Monitor and report on technological trends that may impact the way in which Division members practice their profession.
  • Monitor and report on developments in chemistry education.
  • Identify emerging areas of interest in chemical education that are related to Division interests and provide recommendations as to how these areas can be incorporated into Division programs and activities.
  • Provide written reports on all key findings, along with appropriate recommendations, with and distribution to all Division committee chairs.
  • Work with Division committees to implement changes to activities and programs in response to identified trends.
  • Hold two planning meetings annually. These are separate from the Executive Committee meetings to ensure that sufficient time can be devoted to the planning process and can be held in conjunction with or separate from the national meetings of the Society. Electronic communications among Long Range Planning Committee members are an integral part of conducting its business.

Document updated September 2018