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MaryBeth Anzovino, Chair
Katherine Aubrecht
Rich Bauer
Mihaela Chamberlin
Amber Charlebois
Ushiri Kulatunga
Andri Smith
Kaleb Mathieu
Marc Muñiz
Mary Van Opstal

Ex Officio
Deanna Cullen, MAL


The Goal of the New Member Committee is to perform functions and implement and sustain policies, programs, and activities that welcome and meet the needs of new members of the Division of Chemical Education. To help us meet our goal, we encourage new members of the Division to contact the committee chair with ideas for new activities or programs that would help meet your needs.


ACS National Meeting
Monday, 12:00PM - 12:30PM (Open Meeting)

Activities and Highlights

Suggestions for New Members:

If you are looking to become more involved in the division here are some good places to start:

Organize a symposium at a regional or national ACS meeting or at a BCCE conference.

The Program Committee and Regional Meetings Committee are also great places for new members to get involved.

Get involved with the Exams Institute as a pilot test site or on an exam committee.

Join the DivCHED Facebook group.

A great way to get involved with DivCHED is to become a Reviewer for the Journal of Chemical Education. To become a reviewer visit and follow the directions for registering as a new user. Once you have entered the general information, remember to select the Journal of Chemical Education and select keywords that represent your expertise.


Document updated September 2018