Program Committee


The Program Committee plans, develops, and implements the Division's technical programs.

The program committee performs long range planning for DivCHED program at ACS national meetings. Specifically, we seek leaders to craft the program for the coming meetings and we provide peer support to encourage others to take on leadership roles in meeting planning. We also encourage the development of symposia topics for future meetings.

The program committee also provides organizational and operational support for the DivCHED program at ACS national meetings. Meeting organizers guide symposium organizers throughout the months leading up to a national meeting, then they craft the final program for the meeting. During the actual meeting, our organizers “run the show” along with ACS staff, assuring that the division’s program runs smoothly at the venue.

Meeting organizers and symposium organizers document the meeting by providing written reports which are published in the division’s newsletter and in the Journal of Chemical Education, as appropriate.

Patrick Daubenmire

Dr. Patrick Daubenmire

Associate Professor and Assistant Chair in the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry
Loyola University Chicago


Patrick Daubenmire, Chair
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Deborah Bromfield-Lee
Mitzy Erdman
Steven Fleming
Patti McCall-Wright
Kermin Martinez-Hernandez
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