The Early Career Chemistry Education Scholars (ECCES) committee

The Early Career Chemistry Education Scholars (ECCES) committee is dedicated to the recruitment and networking of graduate students, postdoctoral researchers, and early faculty members in chemistry education research. Previously named the Younger Chemistry Education Scholar (YCES), we have changed our name to omit “younger” to be more inclusive of anyone in their early Chem Ed career.

We look forward to hosting a 3-day Graduate Student Research Symposium at the upcoming BCCE where many graduate students will present their research at a national meeting for the first time. We invite everyone to attend this symposium to support our graduate students, provide positive and constructive feedback, and learn about the newest research going on in our field.

Additionally, our committee is hosting a Birds of a Feather social event on Monday, August 1 from 1-2PM in WALC B058. We invite graduate students, postdocs, and pre-tenure faculty to attend and network with CER peers in the same stage of their careers. This event will feature an icebreaker activity to connect folks of similar interests as well as a raffle featuring book prizes generously donated by CER leaders in our field. We hope this event will spark numerous friendships and collaborations that can be nurtured throughout the week and beyond.

Interested in getting involved with ECCES? follow us on Twitter @ACS_ECCES.