BCCE 2022, Purdue University, July 31 - August 4, 2022

We are eagerly looking forward to BCCE 2022 on the beautiful campus of Purdue University in West Lafayette, IN to be held July 31 - August 4.

Registration and housing are open for BCCE 2022. On campus housing (dorms) is in the registration link, the Union Club Hotel (adjacent to the Purdue Memorial Union) and off campus options are in the housing link. More information about each type of option for housing can be found in the housing link.

Abstract acceptance notifications will be sent out by the end of April. If you have any further questions, please email us at bcce2022@gmail.com. We are looking forward to hosting you at Purdue!

Sincerely - Marcy Towns, Thom Bussey, Carly Schnoebelen, John Michael Sophos


  1. Reimbursement Table
    A spreadsheet summarizing the travel policy and reimbursements allowed for each office and committee.
  2. Travel Reimbursement Policy
    The travel reimbursement policy was approved by ExComm in November 2021. Please complete this form to request reimbursement.
  3. ACS Reimbursement of Counselor Travel Expenses
    Councilors (or alternates, or other designated substitute) that attend the Council meeting may request up to five days of travel reimbursement. In addition to the standard Division Travel Reimbursement Form (above) the individual requesting reimbursement for attending Council must submit this form, and a copy of their voting card not later than 21 days after the close of the meeting. To be updated in 2022, ACS Council Meeting is virtual for the Fall 2021 Meeting.
  4. Reimbursement Request Form
    Authorized individuals will use this form to request reimbursement of expenses paid on behalf of the Division or Board of Publication. Division Officers, GSSPCs, IAC, and other committees will use this form to request reimbursement for expenses such as advertising posters, purchases of supplies or software, or other items. It is expected that these requests will be forwarded promptly, and not more than 21 days after the purchase.
  5. Check Request Form
    Authorized individuals will use this form to request that a check be sent to an individual or organization to pay for purchases such as advertising posters, purchases of supplies or software, a grant or contribution to that organization, an award to a Regional High School Teacher Award winner, other individuals receiving an award (cash prize), or other items.
  6. Request to Create an Invoice
    Use this form to request that the Division send someone an invoice for services we provided or for a promised donation. GSSPC, IAC, and other committees that have a commitment from an individual or company to provide support will use this form.
  7. Grant Payment Request Form
    Individuals who have been awarded grants by the Passer Fund, International Activities Committee, or a Division Travel Grant use this form to request payment of their grant funds. They must submit the appropriate receipts, and a report on their activities, as required by the granting committee. The report, Payment Request, and receipts are to be returned within 21 days of the completion of the travel or award activity.
  8. Grant Award Report Form
    This form is to be completed by the chair of the granting committee to record information about awards they have made.
  9. Financial Sponsorship Policy
    Policy approved in Nov. 2021 by the Division regarding requests for financial support and sponsorship outside the DivCHED.