DivCHED serves as a means of focusing and enhancing the interests and efforts of all constituencies involved in the teaching and learning of chemistry at every level.
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-Chemical Education News & Announcements-

Welcome to the ACS Division of Chemical Education website. Here you can keep up-to-date with activities, news, and opportunities in chemical education. Do you have something interesting you'd like to share with the Division?
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Congratulations to Tom Greenbowe and Melanie Cooper

Congratulations to Tom Greenbowe and Melanie Cooper, the winners of the ACS's Pimentel Award and Award for the Advancement of Research on the Teaching and Learning of Chemistry. Tom Greenbowe and Melanie Cooper

Call for nominations for the Division of Chemical Education 2014 Outstanding Service Award.

The Recognition Committee of the Division of Chemical Education, Inc. is charged with conducting a yearly solicitation of nominees for the CHED “Outstanding Service Award” which is presented at the fall National ACS meeting during the CHED reception.  This call for nominations will allow all members of the division to submit names. The award will consist of a token of appreciation.

What’s Behind Door Number Two? Other Chemistry Education Research Career Options- Part 1

By: Stephanie Ryan, Ph.D., Science Test Development Specialist, American Institutes for Research

A common misconception that many graduate students (and others) have is that there is a single career path after the completion of a doctorate degree. We are all familiar with the traditional route in academia.

New DivCHED Officers in 2014

Happy New Year! Here are your new officers based on the Fall 2013 election results.

Chemical Education Research and Education Technology Industry

by Erik Epp, Chemistry Product Manager at WebAssign

As someone who has taken an unusual route from a chemical education degree, I have been asked to share some of my experiences in the education technology industry.  I’ll start with the disclaimer that what follows is qualitative in nature and has N=1.

Celebrate National Chemistry Week 2013Q

Enjoy FREE access to these resources from Journal of Chemical Education on batteries, biofuels, fuel cells, future fuels, nuclear energy, and solar energy.

Think ACS in San Francisco!

Yeah, we know.  The ACS Meeting in Indy has just ended.  But it's not too soon to start thinking about coming to San Francisco next summer:

The Green Chemistry Commitment, Transforming Chemistry Education

The Green Chemistry Commitment is the First Nationally-Organized Effort to Actively Engage With Higher Education and the Chemical Industry to Transform Chemistry Education in the U.S.

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